Monday, February 25, 2019

On The Road to Prosperity... The Weakest Link is YOU!

Living a successful, happy and prosperous life is possible for motivated and teachable people regardless of economic condition. Knowing "HOW" is the key! Getting the information is the first step. The road to success and prosperity is always open to those with open minds.  So let's stop the insanity of resisting change and get busy getting out of our own way. We are the weakest link to our destinies until we become seekers of wisdom. Prosperity is a mental condition that requires conscious participation in a process of on-going learning, growth, and education. Those who reject learning, growth, and education are in-fact rejecting the core means to prosperous living. Education has always been a universally accepted process for turning a lifestyle of ignorance and not enough into a lifestyle of wisdom and more than enough. What education does for us is help us make better use of our brains. We can operate a car without knowing how it works, but we cannot get the best results in a life without knowing how our thinking works. We are all born with the unlimited potential to achieve great things but are conditioned by society and culture to accept and settle for only a fraction of what's possible. The result is that most people will not prosper personally, emotionally, spiritually or financially. Instead, we become our own weakest link to living the lifestyle we desire. We sustain low achievement results by continually rejecting helpful information and opportunities to begin participating in the process required to prosper. Let's face we need more than a traditional education focused on preparing us to compete for too few jobs. We need a personal and financial growth education that trains our brains to desire and pursue entry into the unlimited world of entrepreneurship. Current economic conditions are clear evidence that we cannot afford to stand by waiting to see what's going to happen with the economy. Nothing will happen that will empower us to prosper beyond paycheck-to-paycheck living as long as we allow small thinking, self-imposed limits and poor financial habits to keep us being the weakest link to what can happen.

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